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    May 16, 2013
    6:00 - 7:01pm PDT  

the 100 block of 20th avenue. they got there and found two people had been hit by bullets. granny was our joy, the mother of the building. >> beninta todd was a fixture in this community. >> i heard it like coming through my waulz i hit the floor. it was like two shots then kept going. >> police say a dozen shots were fired. and her daughter is still coming to terms with the loss of her mother. >> people she didn't know, she'd talk to. having a bad day, it's okay, sweetie. going to get better. the man walked me through the house. the rounds came through here struck her in her head, side and back. the 64-year-old died from her injury autos granny was a
6:01pm's so unfortunate that someone so heartless to shoot up her house, take her from us. >> investigators tell abc 7 news the shooting was not random that the home was targeted. but benita is not who she was after. >> the investigation is showing her son was the possible intended target. >> police have not identified her son, telling us he was hit, treated at the scene, and released. now, friends and family are holding a vigil in her memory and asking anyone with information contact the police department for their part are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> nick, thank you. a man is accused of a murder of his mother and nef skbru attempted murder of his niece. 28-year-old ruben ramirez is accused of stabbing all three victims yesterday at the home he shares with his mother.
a neighbor described him as a ticking time bomb because in his opinion he showed signs of mental health issues. >> several instances police have come over and there is like, domestic violence in the home. they've been called to deal with him and he's fought the police, before. >> we're told a 3-year-old girl who survived is doing better. a source says she's response skbrif alert tonight. >> also this afternoon a child was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a truck. it happened at the intersection of east heading and north second street after school let out. a witness tells us a truck dragged the child before it was able to stop. we do understand the driver is cooperating with authorities. >> three men pleaded guilty to several crimes including shooting at a patrol officer. the attack happened as an
officer tried to stop a vehicle linked to a car jacking. someone driving another vehicle rammed a chp car in oakland. one man shot out the back window. >> it's a danger we face every day. he's out there and committed to public safety. >> the three suspected gang members face sentences from 3-27 years. a fourth is a teenager receiving a sentence of five years in juvenile court. >> the 102 running of the beta breakers race takes place on sunday. the police chief says he's learned important lesson frtz boston marathon bombings. we are live at main and howard. it sounds like police
everywhere. >> and i can tell you they're swapping cashan -- garbage can was see did you through ones, one of the safety measures they're taking for the 30,000 expected. beta breakers created to raise city spirits after 1906 earthquake. ilts a wonderful, wacky tradition. but this year there is a serious tone. >> people want to see police officers in uniform ask z.they will, lots of them. >> police have been in contact with their counter are parts in boston following the bombings there. and what they have learns means beefed up security sunday. >> there will be officers from different stations helping out. everybody will be working whether tack teams or horses our bomb techs will be on the scene to allow for rapid
response to any package and we'll have canines around. >> at the start of the race on the hill and at the finish line along the great highway there will be cameras monitoring the race p realtime. officers from other agencies and the fbi are part of the plan. the rules, no alcohol nork floats, no large backpacks no, pets. everybody asking how big can a backpack be? >> about this big. >> alcohol ban has been hard to enforce and spectators sometimes get out of hand. that is why the cafe near the race course will close early. >> people try to come in around the morning and by 11:00 people were pretty drunk. >> the city prepares for the race, organizers and runners
the famous sir francis drake doorman are focusing on fun. >> i can't see a problem with that. >> this is his 40th race. if you're a run or serious runner you'll find more protections than ever this year. >> thank you very much. beta wreakers starts sunday at 7:00 in south of market area. but that is not the only big event happening sunday morning in the city. there is a lot going on. the final stage of the amgen tour starts at the foot of the golden gate bridge taking riders up to santa rosa. and then, the 7:50 hundreds will jump into the bay and swim to shore.
so there is a busy weekend and if you want to get help navigating around with our abc 7 traffic app sit free on apple's app store. >> bay area congress woman jackie speier called for an independent commission to investigate the internal revenue service. the irs has been targeting contefsh tiff tea party groups but already groups on both sides of the spectrum may be hiding the sources of the political contributions. abc 7 news is here now. >> there is. and it's a big story the irs targeted tea party groups for special scrutiny. tomorrow, the first congressional hearing begins. look at thousand this got start wtd irs trying to monitor political activity of tax exempt organizations.
they're not required to report who gives them money. >> are money. within years amount they cannot trace is ballooned. take a look, these were social welfare organization who's don't have to reveal the source of funding. >> there is a headline said billionaires dominating our campaign system that. is what's happening. it's new. >> a former senator co-authored the reforms but says high courts decision created a large loophole. at map light, daniel newman says the c 4s were never supposed to be overtly political. >> never designed to do this. typical 501 c 4 group might be volunteer firefighter. >> but now, they're wading
deep into the nasty part of political campaign autos you had groups like cross roads gps on the right. and raising and spending tens of millions of dollars. >> for attack ads. tearing down your opt and the course can be hid yeen they're pretrending -- pretending they're just running issue adds but they're campaigning for, or against people. >> he tells me the law must be strengthened. at map light they're wondering where the irs would target little guy buzz approve 501 c 4s run by big gays like karl rove. >> the scandal is why hasn't the irs gone after these groups that are spending tens of millions of dollars had
secret snn. >> we've seen the groups taking advantage of the loophole but so called dark money is by no means equally split. 85% of it went to support conservative candidates. >> a lot of money. >> yes. it is. >> thank you. >> still ahead tonight the mountain lion spotted roaming through downtown santa cruz. >> and it's do or die tonight at oracle. some fans have a message for the warriors we'll hear it coming up. >> mainly clear skies here, we'll have cool weather coming our way. the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> a musician recovers an
instrument lost 35 years ago.
an unusual site in santa cruz. a mountain lion causing a quick response by horts. take a look. the big cat near water street. residents saying they saw it strolling down a sidewalk before bedding down in an aqua duct that. is when experts shot the 40
lion wit tranquilizer gart twice. >> the first dart caused the toonl move about 50 yards downstream. when testing its reactiveness we determined it was safer if administering a second dose. >> after the cougar fell asleep veterinarians gave it a medical exam. once determined healthy it will be released back into santa cruz mountain autos beautiful animal. and a giant tarp has gone up over a pond in an attempt to get rid of killer frogs. yes, frogs. now, it's been drained and fenced off. this is because aggressive african clawed frogs jumped into the mix and ate up the native fish and frogs and then started eating each other.
officials hope drastic measures will kill the frogs. >> a highly contagious fungus is slowly killing palm trees along the embarcadero. 26 of the 220 palms have browned and branches are wilting. costs $35,000. it's a big deal. crews are trimming infected branches with a new saw for each palm to avoid spreading the deadly fungus. >> oracle arena will be rocking tonight. allen you just spoke with the biggest fans around. >> yes. those fans have a pep talk tonight. >> who is your favorite
player? >> he's not a ball hog. >> he golt a nice arch here. like making every shot. every three pointer. >> it could be real yaitded to this visit in september. curry handed hout backpacks and gave kids words of advice. he understands his value in this community. >> been influences to speak and help kids along the way. >> i did say believe in your self, you can do it. >> the advice on the shoulders of the fans every day. but with the warriors down in the playoff series against the spurs it looks like he can use
words of encouragement, too. >> just rest and everything. >> don't think about the pain. >> aside from that suck it up and play, the kids are saying to the warriors hey, remember what you taught us?. >> if you work together you can accomplish more things. just try to work on the team. and cooperate. >> when you work together you're unbeatable. >> it applies in almost every environment. we'll find out how well they work with each other tonight. tip off is at 7:30. >> thank you. >> good stuff, if you cannot get to oracle arena tonight you can watch on our sister
network. >> when there is a game 7 you can see it here on sunday. coverage begins at noon followed by after the game. >> i like that. when. >> yes. >> for the best fan experience you can have without being there follow us on twitter. larry beil will be tweeting throughout tonight's game. >> and we want you to show us your fan photos. >> fun time to be a fan. >> yes. >> share that with you. >> yes. >> warriors secret game plan? outscore spurs. >> well, you've got it, spencer. >> yes. >> thank you. >> whoever has more points wins. >> let's take a look at what is going on with weather. we've had clouds throughout the day but nothing very
threatening. what we do have in addition to clouds is gusty winds. gusts from 22 miles per hour in mountain view. breezy conditions. a live view of nice, blue skies. mainly blue right now. downtown san francisco, 58 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 63. 66 mountain view. another live view from our eastern camera, temperature readings of 68 degrees in santa rosa. another live view from our camera looking towards mount diablo, clear skies and these are fblgt features, clouds increasing giving way to sunny skies and conditions turning
warmer over the weekend. a passage of moisture this morning producing just a few sprinkles around the bay area. there could with another sprinkle tonight. feel like i'm going through puberty again. during overnight hours, clouds thicken, during wee hours of the morning we can see a sprinkle or two graze the santa cruz county coastline. maybe a spot or two of sprinkle activities near san jose but that is it. mainly dry day tomorrow, breezy, cool. and sunny skies in the afternoon, overnight tonight conditions into low 50s then tomorrow, highs into the south bay only into mid to upper 60s. 67 in san jose.
mid-60 pinsula. 50s on the coast and pacifica and half moon bay. 61 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. and near east bay, highs in the mid-60s from oakland to union city to fremont. here is the accu-weather forecast. after much cooler than average day tomorrow, we'll start warming up da, by sunday, monday, highs into upper 80s to near 90 degrees lovely weather coming up for the weekend. >> thank you. >> coming up next, a bay area restaurant that is sending out the smell of bacon. >> maybe too savory. how some maybes are -- neighbors are shutting it down. stay with us.
a bay area banker puts wall street's record run on pause. the federal reserve said the fed might halt it's bond investments. the dow fell 42 points. tesla's ceo putting his money where his mouth is planning to
sell off shares of stock and musk says he plan tz buy $100 million worth himself. solar city also headed by elan musk landed $500 million in financing from goldman sacks. and apple announced plans today to open a new store where levis is now in union square that will replace a store three blocks away. apple just sold it's 50th billionth app. >> that is incredible. >> battle over bacon tonight in san francisco's haig haigt -- haight district. what if you had to smell it all day long? that is the controversy surrounding the bacon bacon restaurant. one person filed a complaint and now, the restaurant is being forced to close not so much because of the smell but permits. the owner filed for a permit
because of the complaints the process was shut down. >> the restaurant is going to play by the rules and not going to produce bacon smoke. >> it's a $30,000 upgrade i need to do here. and why do that if you're going to be kicked out? >> nearly 2000 people have signed a petition to show support for the restaurant. bacon bacon has 75 days to resolve the issue autos coming up next a 7 on your side investigation into seat warmers in the car. think may be overheating. looking. >> who who needs to be alerted and what is being done about it. >> a texas tornado and destruction it did to a town that is still off limits tonight. >> we're going to go swimming with sharks tonight thanks to a robot that can track them
sky 7 over a five acre grass fire just about out in morgan hill. this is near peoples avenue.
>> traffic moving slowly as you can see here from these live pictures. they're standing by but it's well in hand. >> a warning about a common and popular accessory skined to keep passengers warm in their cars turns out it could burn them. >> this issue affects just a small subset of the population but one deserving of attention. many of those paralyzed have no feelings in buttocks and leg that's includes our returning veterans. erica doesn't one to let obstacles stop her, she is a national paratriathalon champion.
>> this is a adventure for me. >> in 2009 she was riding in this truck and claims the seat heater malfunctioned. she suffered injuries her burns ran several inch frtz back of the thigh to buttocks. four years later the scars and pain are still there. >> and told it's going to be there for life. hopefully, the pain won't be. >> terry has been paralyzed since he was 19. in 2007 in a brand new cadillac escalade. he said the car seat heater malfunctioned. he received several third degree burns to his buttocks. the burns so painful that he would not sit three month autos have you to lay on the side 90 days. it's unbearable. >> the hole you see here in this upholstery cause bid
sparking set off by a seat heater. one dealership paid for repairs and the car maker says it's not responsible since it's purchased from a used car dealership. a south bay woman escaped injury buzz those disabled aren't often as lucky. >> we have people driving who zront any sensation in their lower body. those people should not have car seat heater autos records compile bid the group safety research and strategies shows there have been 1207 complaints about seat heater malfunctions in 19 years dr. green hall has seen a handful of the case autos we know you can sustain a turn up
to 900 degrees fahrenheit so. getting up to 140 they can burn quickly. >> test results have been made available to us shoi the heater reached temperatures hovering at 150 degrees. barry said he didn't know what burned him. >> just kept getting hotter. she had to pull over and jump out. >> terry sued both the car dealer and the manufacturer of the heater. gm was not sued because it's under protection of the court at the time. the answer to the lawsuit he said any damages were caused by comparative fault or nujs. alleging he used the seat after it had been damaged.
st. paul blamed injuries on negligent operation. all parties reached a confidential settlement in this case. >> feg rateors looked into coming up with an acceptable range of temperatures. the society confirms process is underway. and we will return back. >> tonight national weather service says there are 13 twisters that struck north texas yesterday. one of the 13 has been categorized as a rare ef 4. that is rare. the twisters taking out homes, including some are built by habitat for humanity
volunteers. >> it's like we're eating hamburger helper and simpsons and next thing you know there is a tornado in the house. >> we had to dig out. just a mess. >> the search goes on and responders are sifting through damage in the hope of finding anyone who may still be trapped under the rubble. >> police arrested a man after he climbed on top of a train. that impacted the whole system. authorities closed lanes of highway 34 and this went on more than two hours. >> he was jumping from the roof and on top of a train people could feel the impact.
>> it's crazy. just be prepared for anything. >> bart says it has had previous contact with this man. identified as 29-year-old rodney jenkins. he did have an outstanding warrant for a parole violation. >> still to come, back in his arms again... >> the remarkable story of a musician recovered his base stolen from him 35 years ago.
anyone who owns a museal instrument will tell you it can be quite personal. >> sometimes, it takes a while. >> they say a man's home is his castle. wla they don't tell you is after he gets married his wife takes over and he's lucky to have a room left. by that standard pete sears of san rafael is just like rest of us. a guy in a room surrounded by sentimental stuff. >> this is it. my room. that is why it's a mess. >> he'll never throw it away.
especially this base guitar. it's old and new and storied. >> if this could talk. >> oh, god you might remember him in a little band called jefferson starship. >> you can see a bit later on. >> a melee from which this then brand new guitar was stolen a loss because the dragon, as they called it had a pedigree. >> it's made from the same tree that jerry's -- jerry garcia's guitar is. >> the detail is exquisite. inlays are silver intru faded throughout the years, if you look at the eyes of the dragon, they glow. >> it takes you back to that
era. this is because three weeks ago a musician tracked down the man who made it, learned the history, and after cash exchanged hands the circle closed. almost, anyway. there is another twist. that day would have been the first time on stage. it never happened. until last week. that is pete sears on staej. a debut, 35 years delayed. >> an old friend. >> another story for one room in the castle. >> beautiful instrument. >> yes. >> back together again. >> a robot exploring ocean autos yes. looking for sharks and more. >> we can drive it into a hot
spot around an island and alongside a wreath. we can see what is there ac
oorngs we now know what caused a serious sink hole in lake county. geologists believe an underground water leak played a plaij major role in the disaster. the chief says the soil is saturated. an emergency was declared after the ground began giving way in lake port. >> researchers using a powerful new technology to track some majestic creatures in the ocean. now they have found a way to follow sharks in realtime for researchers shadowing great white sharks involves looking and listening.
maps track movements. >> the kinds of tags are acoustic tags so it's a small plastic tag giving off a coated shirp or ping. >> so the posts have been on boats or buoys but now perfecting a system and that is called a waive glider as seen in this video he provided by hopkins and the manufacturer and allows them to be controlled anywhere in the world. >> we can drive it alongside a reef. we can see what is there across locations.
we've golt a light and a flag. >> they're manufactured in sunnyvale by a company called liquid robotics. saying it can power instruments and the system that trails under the water line made the slider unsinkable. >> at one point ran into a large storm, we think. this is 10 meter wave height. just astronomical winds. >> tracking hurricanes to unlock a secret secret worlds of great whites. >> what we've talked about is trying to use this to better
understand not only big predators but environment that surrounds them. >> and. the company is now about to be awarded a guiness world record for the longest journey of an unmanned vehicle. tonight at 11:00 the company giving would be parents a way to determine their odds of success with inveto fertilization. >> that will be interesting. >> spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> here is a time lapse view this afternoon in downtown san francisco. a space ship clouds moving through. lots of blue skies there. sunny skies and high clouds gathering moving through the bay area.
a live view looking at western sky. mild down south but cooler in the bay area. 50s at the coast. 50s around the bay into inland maybe up to 70. temperatures over the weekend near 90. and and sports, warriors in a tough situation tonight they have an advantage. >> and and how are you doing, carolyn. we're getting set for game six. we'll get the special insight of a living nba legend. you know him as the logo.
how are you doing, everybody, larry beil live.
it's a win or go home situation tonight either beat the spurs in game six and force a game seven or this magical season will come to an end tonight. i want to show you a picture. it's a logo. nba logo designed in 1969 from a photograph of lakers great jerry west. and i am joined by the man, the myth, the legend. it's an honor and privilege to have you join us. >> thank you. it's nice to be here. should be a great game tonight. >> as a laker player you know what it's like when show time got going but this is electrified like no other place when warriors are on a role. tell me just your impressions. what is this like?
>> it's a special crowd then. they had fans up here, but year round these people are hungry for a winner. we've had a great season so far. and these fans are mazing. i've got four friends flew up here to see this game tonight. i talked about them. they're all laker fans. >> you know you're telling me just minutes ago as a player you can feel fans and they can have an impact on the game. >> you come out with an
incredible amount of energy coming out. the fans will help that a lot. these are fun games to play. and that is a good feeling. you know you're worried about what is going to go during the course of the game. what it takes to win a game. >> and it's a total of 13 points as they did in game five. i thought in addition to staff he looked tired and injured. what can you tell us about everybody's health at this point? >> it's a big part of the offense.
we're talking door the floor against a team that is older. where younger players should have an advantage but they've done a great job smothering our backward players not only have to play better offense but much better defense. >> we have a footage. you averaged 31 points per game. your thoughts? >> a lot of people stand around and shoot the ball and so they're awful good. >> thank you, jerry. >> one of the greats jerry well..
>> thank you. great interview. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> coming up a crime shocking the country. a nanny charged with murdering the children of a former yahoo executive. >> then at 11:00 busy local gas stations where thieves have been stealing financial information. >> that is coming up tonight but that this edition of abc 7 news. news. >> from all of us have a
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